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This gospel of the kingdom must be proclaimed to all nations.
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Agape International plants Bible schools and churches across Asia.

Here are the branches of Agape and our seven-fold process for planting churches and bible schools.

Seven-Fold Plan

Our process to plant churches and Bible schools.

Schools Of Ministry

We plant Bible schools across Asia.

Refugee Ministry

We have many refugee ministries around the world.

1040 Window

The largest concentration of unreached peoples on the planet.


Bible Schools




Church Plants



Agape's Seven-fold Harvest Plan Strategy.

Here is our seven-fold strategy to planting global churches and schools.

<b>Strategic</b> Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

With global ministries with local connections

<b>Identify</b> Key Leaders

Identify Key Leaders

To organize a Nation Shakers Summit

<b>Plant</b> Bible Schools

Plant Bible Schools

And training centers to reached unreached peoples

<b>Send</b> Our Graduates

Send Our Graduates

Into unreached places to preach the Gospel and plant churches.

<b>Apostolic</b> Fellowships

Apostolic Fellowships

To strengthen the body of Christ and prepare for the next step.

<b>City</b> Impact Events

City Impact Events

Campaigns to reach large numbers of people.

<b>Release</b> International Ministries

Release International Ministries

To repeat the seven-fold process.

Our Refugee ministries are in our own country

In these states we have refugees ministries. Here’s how we partner with them to reach the nations and how you can too.

Three Refugee Schools

We plant and oversee autonomous refugee schools

They Need Our Help

We connect with the refugees in our own country

We plant Schools Of Ministry across Asia

We plant cross-cultural, reproducing, indigenous and autonomous Bible schools and churches.

The 10/40 Window is the most concentrated place of unreached peoples on the planet.

Agape International is committed to preaching the Gospel where it has not been preached.

450 pastors are in partnership with us around the world.

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